Ashwacopa Mindcare*
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Ashwacopa Mindcare*

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Balanced herbal formula for cognitive enhancement. Made with vegan friendly/vegetarian, non-GMO, allergen and gluten free ingredients that have been clinically proven for their effectiveness. 

Ashwacopa provides high potency support for mind care.

Reduce stress and anxiety*

Mental clarity, concentration and alertness*

Learning and memory*

Neutralizing body with antioxidants*

        BacoMind is a clinically tested memory and cognition enhancing extract derived from the plant Bacopa monnieri.    

                               Bacopa Bacomind

                                       BacoMind Bacopa Brahmi

        KSM-66 Aswagandha is an award winning, premium quality, high potency root extract backed by extensive clinical research.

                                   KSM Ashwagandha

                                                 KSM-66 Ashwagandha

          Curcumin C3 complex is a clinically evaluated "Bioprotectant" extract derived from the dried rhizomes of curcuma long (Turmeric), standardized to 95% curcuminoids.

                                       Turmeric C3 complex

                                                         Curcumin C3 complex Turmeric

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