About us

Welcome to Ayurvedic Seva! Ayurvedic Seva is a holistic approach to bring balance to your mind-body-soul through ancient wisdom. Our mission is to serve (seva) your wellness needs with the best ayurvedic products and ayurvedic lifestyle tips. We believe KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS is the key to our wellness. What inspired us on our journey was a family member's personal struggle with numerous health issues and mind-body imbalances. Started learning about Ayurveda and natural herbs to bring balance and harmony in day to day life. Since it was helping us, thought why not spread the awareness. Question was, what would be the best way to introduce Ayurvedic lifestyle? The screaming reply was dietary supplements and nutritious health tips. When looked closely to the supplement manufacturing process we quickly realized there was a huge problem in the process. Companies were bottling cheap, manufacturing process were all about quantity and not quality, synthetic chemicals in the name of natural; it was all about yet another quick fix with quick process solution - making the whole supplement experience unenjoyable. We are here with our quality commitment to make your wellness journey safe and healthy.

Quality Commitment

Our products are made in USA with vegetarian, vegan friendly and non-GMO ingredients that are gluten free. The products are manufactured at a cGMP certified facility with required quality standards for maximum effectiveness. All our products are tested for potency, metal and microbial contamination to ensure the quality. Testing represents a costly step which while producing a product with high standard quality can be cumbersome. But, there is never a reasonable excuse for allowing an inferior product in the market. Our customers trust that what they purchase and ingest will be safe and do what it claims. Knowledge is key when it comes to understanding how a quality product is made, and awareness can only help raise the bar and strengthen the dietary supplement industry. That being said, check the label on your supplements.

Our Mission

We want to serve ancient wisdom for modern wellness which is not limited to supplements alone.


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