Our Story

Welcome to Ayurvedic Seva! One stop station for mind-body-soul balance. 

A little background about my Entrepreneurship:

Coming from an Indian background, Ayurveda practice and knowledge has been embedded all around me growing up at home through food. Even though I went and studied as what we have been socially conditioned, and majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as I love Chemistry there was always a knack in me wanting to learn more about ancient Eastern medicine (Ayurveda) practice.  

Even though I have been a Chemist and all these beautiful opportunities I had been getting at work, my heart and mind always looked and researched in wholistic, Eastern practice that had been followed by my ancestors. 

Understanding how synthetic-driven today's medical industry is, effects that we're having on our health, mind, and eventually to our soul, my research and knowledge started to take actions into reality.  

I set out a mission to bring naturality back into the industry through herbal supplements and wholistic therapies by working to craft dietary supplements through natural ingredients with benefits, benefits and only benefits without side effects. 

I launched my first, line of products, Ayurvedic Seva. Ayurvedic Seva is an all-natural approach on bringing balance into the mind, body, soul and spirit of those who follow it. Embracing ancient wisdom, natural supplements, and wholistic therapies, my vision is to serve (seva) the wellness needs of my customers with the very best Ayurvedic products and lifestyle tips currently found in the World of Wholistic health and wellness, 

Inspired by a close family member's personal struggle with health issues and mind/body imbalances, I am encouraged to set out in a mission to find an alternative solution, one with ancient roots and a millennia of success through quality natural supplements to fulfill the health (physical and mental) needs of humanity. 

Ayurvedic Seva is set out to change the industry by dedicating the company to quality, safety, and wholistic approaches committee on making the wellness journey of our customers safe, healthy, and natural. 


I am an Enthusiast of life filled with wisdom and happiness. To maintain a positive lifestyle, I spend leisure reading and listening to self-help and personal development books and podcasts, engaging in a conscious living practices, participating in soul talks, and singing spiritual songs (kirtans). 

I tend to constantly finding lessons and blessings through every circumstance, event, or experience both good and bad. I am dedicated to finding ways to improve the lives of others everyday on wellness of being through my Ayurvedic products to raise mindfulness of mind, body, and soul as a whole in most natural way of knowledge and practice.